Legendary of Seven Fairies
Myths and legends of fairies is Jade Emperor's seven daughters, all of them smart and intelligence with special immortal ability. They weave every day for the sky beautiful clouds and sometimes they like to show their immortal ability secretly. Despite the harsh discipline from their parents, their parents need them to stand up bravely to defend the safety of heaven, obedient and courteous be good girls.

Red fairy: She is the eldest of the 7 sisters and the administrator of heavenly kingdom. She is kind and polite. She is hardworking girls and respect her parent.

She also helps her father, Jade Emperor solve matters in the heavenly kingdom and she love her seventh and youngest sister, Little Seven.

Kurhn Red Fairy

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  • Brand: Kurhn

    Series:Seven Fairy


    Body Type: Regular Body

    Doll Height: 290mm


    Age: 8 and Above

    Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.