Kurhn Mulan Series

The idea of new doll "Kurhn Mulan Going to a Battle"originates from the ancient female hero - Hua Mulan. It presents you a beautiful legend thousand years ago. The martial outfit, heroic makeup and belonging sword of Mulan all is prominent her brave and kind-hearted characters.


It create new imagination for young girls to play with any style that they like.


The set comes with arrows and bow.


Great doll to give as a gift and collect.

Kurhn - Mulan Armour Suit Version

SKU: 9121
  • Brand: Kurhn

    Series: Kurhn Mulan Going to a Battle

    Model: 9121

    Body Type: Articulated Body

    Doll Height: 280mm


    Age: 8 and Above

    Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.