Lucky Cat Figurine Features
Mani The Lucky Cat:

In Japan, Maneki Neko are thought to bring good luck, good fortune and prosperity to their owner. The figurine depicts a cat with an upright paw beckoning and is often found throughout Asia; in homes, businesses and restaurants.

Mani The Lucky Cat is a modern version of the traditional Maneki Neko.

Choose a Lucky Cat and a charm to attach to your cats collar.

We hope Mani The Lucky Cat brings you and your friend’s good luck with everything in life…

Each lucky cat figurine comes with its own PU collar to attach lucky charm (Sold separately).

Figure Cat 030

SKU: 030
  • Cat:030

    Figurine Designs Size: W 90mm x H 110mm x D 70mm

    Materials: Moulded polyresin, 3D figurine. PU collar with buckles and coloured jewels. 

    Printing: Pad printed and decal artwork. Matt finish.