Beaver Books Time and Money Grade 1 and 2.


Designed to reinforce essential math skills! By completing this math workbook, your child will gain systematic practice in the following math concepts: Writing numbers on a clockTelling time to the hour, half hour and quarter hourRecording time on a digital clockDrawing hands on a clock to the hour and half hourIdentifying the number of seconds in a minute and minutes in an hourIdentifying the days of the weekIdentifying the months of the yearIdentifying activities that can be accomplished in seconds, minutes, days and weeksRecognising and naming AUSTRALIAN coinsIdentifying the value of each coinCounting a given set of coins and recording using the cent symbolRepresenting a given number using coinsCreating equivalent sets of coins up to $1.00Solving addition and subtraction story problems that involve money. All coins and notes shown is in Australian currency.

Suitable for kids of all ages.

Activity Fun Book: Time and Money Grade 1 & 2

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  • Author: Claudine Zuker & Beaver Books

    Format: Paperback


    Publisher: Beaver Books

    Size:Height 279mm Width 216mm Thickness 8mm


    ISBN: 9781770666207